Tuesday, September 3, 2019

September Newsletter

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Our Walk-a-Thon is just 9 short days away!  Our 15th Annual Walk-a-Thon is on Thursday, September 12th from 9:30 - 11:30am.  

We are in need of some more volunteers for our Walk-a-Thon...primarily for Lap Markers for the following classes.

*Mrs. Cook 9:45-10:30
*Mrs. Cain  9:45-10:30
*Mrs. McKenzie  10:25-11:30
*Mr. Barfield  9:45-10:30 & 10:25-11:30
Mrs. Marquez  10:25-11:30
Mrs. Depue  10:30-11:30

You can sign up for these positions by clicking HERE.

Donation envelopes recently went home with your child.  These envelopes are for cash/check donations.  Diamond Creek PTC also offers a site called 99 Pledges where you can create a donation page for your child that is linked with our Walk-a-Thon that you can share via social media and email to your friends and family.  Donations through 99 Pledges are all done safely and easily online.

You can click HERE to create a 99 Pledges page for your child.  It only takes about 5 seconds to create.

So far, as of today...we have collected $4,046 in online donations only.  Here are the class totals for today.

Morse: $235
Irwin: $115
Omiatek: $590
Hood: $380
Sydow: $60
Depue: $30
Triplett: $185
Lopez: $100
Lemos: $55
Sessano: $155
Darby: $25
Baker: $175
Petersen: $0
Barfield: $100
Rivera: $75
McKenzie: $45
Kuhtz: $425
Cain: $0
Conaty/Locsin: $305
Spring: $220
Del'Orto: $195
Cook: $250
Messineo: $151
Martinez: $75
Marquez: $100

Everyone is doing a fabulous job! Keep up the great work! Remember that there are prizes for the TOP class and TOP individual students. Plus, if your child donates more that $75, they will be a part of our Jamba Juice Party in October.

The Scholastic Book Fair is coming to the school library October 7-11. It will be open at lunch, after school, and during the Fall Festival. Our school keeps 50% of all sales to benefit the library and classrooms!  There will be more info as we get closer to the date. 

Back to School Staff Appreciation Luncheon

Excitement is in the air as we start the beginning of a new school year.  We can't believe it is that time of year again and we are so excited to celebrate our staff.  We are the luckiest school in town and want to show our staff some love.  Please help us welcome our wonderful teachers and staff back with a luncheon.

Please sign up to donate any of the items listed on our Sign Up Genius linked below.  All donations should be dropped off the morning of the event no later than 10:30am.  If you would like anything returned, please make sure to mark it with your name and plan on picking your item(s) up in the office after school or the next school morning.  We could not celebrate our Staff without your support.

We are in such gratitude,

Katie Martin & Gina Woods - Hospitality Co-Chairs

CLICK HERE FOR EZSCHOOLPAY to pay for school lunches online.

Did you know that the PTC has a FB page?  Come check it out!

9/6 - Last day to order spirit wear online
9/12 - Walk-a-Thon
10/7-11 - Book Fair
10/11 - Fall Festival

9/17 - Chipotle
10/23 - Lucille's
11/20 - Skipolini's
12/11 - Blaze Pizza
1/22 - Habit
2/19 - California Pizza Kitchen
3/24 - Chick Fil A
5/27 - Dine at the Park

If you are currently looking for after school enrichment programs for your children...please click here.  New programs will be added soon.

Our upcoming Skate Nights are at Roller King located at 889 Riverside Avenue, Roseville.  Skate Nights are a family event from 6-8pm on the following days...

October 2nd
December 2nd
March 4th
May 7th

Any questions, please contact Katie Roth at spiritwear@diamondcreekptc.com 
Last day to order spirit wear online is Sept. 6th.  CLICK HERE for the online link.

Our PTC Website
Please come check out our new site at www.diamondcreekptc.com

Walk/Bike to School
Our Walk/Bike to School Program is up and running.  We are scanning shoe tags on Monday & Friday mornings.  Shoe tags are available thru your child's teacher.  As a reminder...for all those riding anything with wheels: your HELMET is REQUIRED. It's the law!

We are in need of volunteers for the Safe Routes School program.  If you are interested in helping before school, please email Susan Guzzo at president@diamondcreekptc.com or CLICK HERE to volunteer.

It's back to school season and many of your supporters are shopping Amazon for supplies. It's the perfect time to use the below copy and banners to remind them to support Diamond Creek Elementary PTC by shopping at smile.amazon.com

When you do your back to school shopping at smile.amazon.com/ch/68-0483282, Amazon donates to Diamond Creek Elementary PTC. 

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